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Definitive Technologies ST1 Speaker Stands

$999.00 $699.00 inc. GST

  • Fillable with your choice of dry material to provide a solid and stable speaker foundation
  • Designed for Demand Series D9 and D11 high-performance bookshelf speakers


ST1 bookshelf speaker stands are the perfect accessory for your Demand Series D9 and D11 bookshelf speakers.
The elongated steel stand, MDF base plate and rubber speaker pads all combine to provide a solid and stable speaker foundation, ensuring the cleanest, most precise listening experience in everything you hear.

Optimal Height

Designed, engineered and calibrated to provide optimal imaging, depth of field and height no matter what your room and setup looks like.

Large Mass Fill Space

Bolster stability, optimize bass response, and eliminate unwanted vibration and distortion by filling each one with sand — ensuring you hear what you’re supposed to and nothing else.

Built-in Threaded Inserts

Lock your D9 and D11 bookshelf speakers firmly in place for more precise imaging and room-filling sound, while preventing movement and potential damage — especially when they’re seated at higher levels.

Timeless Design

Complements the premium performance and minimalist aesthetic of the Demand Series bookshelf speakers with a matte black finish— and they look great in any room.

Includes Adjustable Spikes and Optional Rubber Spike Caps

Help keep your speakers firmly in place whether on carpet or other solid floor surfaces like hardwood or cement.

Rubber Speaker Pads

Top plates include a built-in rubber pad for additional protection against damage to the speakers’ gloss black cabinet.


Total Pieces: Pair
Orientation: Vertical
Materials: Steel Post , Aluminum Collar , MDF Base
Large Mass Fill Space for Solid and Stable Speaker Foundation. Fill each stand with sand or other dry material (.1 cubic ft per stand)
Compatibility: Demand D11 and D9 Bookshelf Speakers
Assembly Required? Yes
Warranty: Limited 2yrs

Included Accessories
(4) Metal Carpet Spikes
(4) Metal Carpet Spike Rubber Caps

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