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ProJect X1 Turntable

$1,479.00$2,299.00 inc. GST

  • Acrylic Platter
  • Low-resonance design
  • 33/45 RPM Electronic Speed Changer
  • Carbon/Alu Tonearm with adjustable VTA
  • Precision DC power supply
  • Hinged Dust Cover
  • Sub Platter Motor
  • Designed and assembled in Europe
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Key Features:

  • Speed control with electronic speed switch, delivering the ultimate speed stability
  • Resonance free, 1.5 kg heavy acrylic platter
  • 8.6” carbon/alu sandwich tonearm with internal damping and TPE damped counterweight
  • Carefully isolated motor for less vibration and noise

The Chassis

Starting with the chassis, Pro-Ject have crafted the X1 from MDF, rather than standard particle boards resulting in a better sounding and feeling turntable. This chassis is then finished with 8 layers of painting and a hand-polished finish, designed to look good and remain looking good, especially when compared to the commonly used foil painting techniques.

The Motor

The chassis houses a sophisticated DC/AC generator board which, combined with the convenient speed control board, delivers clean and stable power to the quiet-running motor. For improved performance the motor is decoupled from the main plinth using a new motor suspension system.

The Sub-platter

In the X1, the motor drives a new, heavy, non-resonant Acryl platter via a sub-platter drive system and a premium grade main bearing for liquid smooth rotation. This is the perfect platform on which to place your precious vinyl records, guaranteeing absolute reliability in its performance and sonic character.

The Tonearm

The X1 is also better than its predecessors thanks to the super-stiff, perfectly tempered Carbon/Alu sandwich construction tonearm. This new 8.6” tonearm design is incredibly light and stiff, with improved resistance to external interference. Finished as one-piece, with a non-resonance-inducing headshell, the X1 tonearm can also be set for azimuth and VTA adjustment, offering the flexibility that so many people are asking for. The tonearm is then supplied with a TPE-damped counterweight, further reducing cartridge-tonearm resonances.

Industry Reviews

Hi-Fi News David Price
“The X1 gives its rivals a seriously hard time and for the true turntable enthusiast there’s plenty of tweaking potential on offer too. More than just a worthy successor to the original, it’s an accomplished design in its own right.”

7Review Binh Phan Duc
“The X1 makes music in a happy, engaging and big-hearted way. It’s an excellent low-cost turntable package with an upbeat sound. 9/10”

Analog Planet Michael Fremer
“Pro-Ject’s success means it can offer record enthusiasts more for less. The X1 is proof.”

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Speed: 33, 45, 78 (electronic speed change)
Principle: Belt drive
Speed variance 33: 0.30% 45: 0.25%
Wow & flutter 33: 0.15% 45: 0.13%
Platter: 20mm thick, 1.5 kg heavy acryl
Main bearing: Stainless steel/brass
Tonearm: 8,6” carbon/aluminium sandwich
Effective arm length: 218.5 mm
Overhang: 18 mm
Effective tonearm mass: 10g
Tracking force range: 0 – 30mN
Power consumption: 5 watts max /< 0.3 watt standby Dimensions: (WxHxD) 415 x 125 x 335 mm Weight: 7 kg net / 9.5 kg gross weight Included accessories: 15v DC /0,8A power supply, Dust cover, Connect it E Phono cable, felt mat

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