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Little Fwend Automatic Tonearm lifter

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Little Fwend is the automatic tonearm lifter that has one mission; it lifts the tonearm up at the inevitable end of a vinyl record. It does it safely. It does it smoothly. It does it looking good.

As far as we are aware this is the only automatic arm lifter which is internally damped to protect your valuable investment and ensure low-mass tonearms aren’t bounced.

Lifting Mechanism: Safe. Smooth. Silent. Those were the most important aspects of the design. We experimented a lot finding the right relationship between spring compression force, travel, dampening and friction. Little Fwend lifts the tonearm smoothly and controlled with minimum use of force (and a little help from Newtons fwends). Little Fwend can lift tonearms with cartridges set up to 5 grams VTF.

Release Antenna: High carbon steel Roslau piano wire. Very low lateral force is required to release the mechanism.

Rubber Beam. Neoprene rubber padding lets the tonearm rest safely and stable even with the level a few degrees off both horizontally and vertically.

Height Ranges. Little Fwend comes in two different sizes, Low and High. The Low model can be used under tonearms with clearance between the underside of the arm wand and the mounting surface as low as 32mm, up to 49mm. the High model from 49mm, up to 82mm. Height is adjusted by a set screw in the base. The appropriate hex key is enclosed. Please measure the distance from mounting/plinth surface up to the underside of tonearm wand. Take the measurement when the tonearm has correct VTA and the needle is in the groove. Subtract approx. 1mm from this distance, to make sure there will be safe clearance between the rubber beam and the moving tonearm.

New to the range is the DISCO version which has been designed to suit the Technics SL-1210/1200 Mk2/3/4/5/6/7/LTD/G/GR/GAE with the standard tonearm.

Mounting Platform. 0.3mm steel disc with a Scotch 3M restickable dot as a mounting base (so no adhesive residue is left on your plinth). Little Fwend is fastened to the platform through magnetic force. The axially magnetised N52-magnet in the base is strong enough to keep Little Fwend in place, but weak enough to easily reorient the trigger antenna for the various run-out groove areas. Little Fwend is readjusted in seconds. The diametrical magnetic field is very low and will not affect magnetic metals in the radius of the base.

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