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IsoTek EVO3 Mini Mira mains power conditioner

$719.00 inc. GST

  • Removes Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise.
  • RFI reduction 30dB audio, 40dB visual.
  • Independently conditioned outlets – stops Differential Mode cross contamination.
  • Triple Resonant Filter© gives ultimate visual performance as well as stopping ‘in-rush’ currents, which can reduce a component’s life span.
  • 12,500A of instantaneous protection, featuring IsoTek’s unique sequential protection system.
  • Internal wiring; multi-strand silver platted OFC copper with PTFE dielectric.
  • Maximum continuous power 2,300W (230V).
  • Available with UK, EU, US, AU, CH and ZA sockets.
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Discover IsoTek’s award-winning range of power conditioning systems developed to improve, enhance and protect the sensitive audio components you own. Power is the first input to any home entertainment system; it flows through the system, used by each component in turn to create the signal that moves the speakers’ drive units and delivers the pixels on the screen. What we see and hear is fashioned from, and by, mains electricity – it’s the ‘raw material’ from which the ‘art’ is created. The Discovery range offers an affordable way to not only protect your investment from dangerous power surges and voltage spikes, but also to guarantee the best possible performance whenever you listen.


• Number of outlets: 2
• Type of outlets: UK, EU, US, AU, CH and ZA
• Standard mains inlet: IEC fused
• Mains voltage: 110-240VAC/50-60Hz
• Maximum current: 10Amps
• Total wattage: 2300 (230V)/ 1100 (11V)
• Visual outlet: 1150 (230V) / 550 (110V)
• Component Outlet: 1150 (230V) / 550 (110V)
• Dimensions: 130 x 65 x 170mm (W x H x L)
• Weight: 900g

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