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NAD Masterclass Review

In their latest review, British magazine Hi-Fi News awards the new NAD Masters M12 Digital Preamp DAC / M22 Stereo Power Amplifier its sought-after “Highly Commended” honour. Featured in the April issue of the magazine, the NAD Masters M12/M22 package was said to deliver a “vivid presentation” of 24-bit/96kHz music and brought out “every element of the piece while keeping that live feel” when paired with reviewer, Andrew Everard’s test loudspeakers.

Rated at a modest 250W by NAD, the M22 was measured by Paul Miller in the magazine’s bonus lab report, which, in fact, found the power amplifier to clock in at “295W/8ohm and 360W/4ohm with dynamic outputs of 400W/8ohm and 780W/4ohm”. Miller’s lab findings were “very impressive for this class of amp as is the spectacularly low 0.005ohm output impedance. THD [Total Harmonic Distortion] is as low as 0.0004% midband”.

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