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Dave is loving his new system although I may have unleashed an expensive beast as he now wants new speakers and a new TV! Thank you for all the help with this. The service you and your team provided me has been outstanding!

Cheers, Rae

Hi John

Thanks for your (and Mark’s) time this afternoon I enjoyed talking about the rugby in particular. I appreciate knowing I’ve got the right product on order to connect my Tri valve amp, Magneplanar Smgc speakers and Panasonic smart TV. I really like the idea of streaming youtube from a smartphone – I’ll look forward now to a smartphone!


Regards meanwhile

Paul Doesburg

Hi John,

I have now spent some time with the NAD M51 DAC which you sold me, and I simply have this to say…

Thank you from the bottom, of my soul (and NAD I guess too for that matter)…

It, she, is quite simply… astonishing.

Warm regards

Hi Ben,
Just had an awesome afternoon playing Disc 2 Pink Floyd Pulse – Jennie was increasing the volume  🙂 loud even by my standards …. – still would not deafen the neighbours though! Quality of the sound absolutely awesome – brought tears to my eyes!
Thank you for all your help! Hope it is not really 30 years till we see you 🙂 ! You are welcome anytime…

Best regards

Hi Haig

All parts arrived yesterday in good order.  The old music never sounded so good.

Thanks for your help.

(Dynaudio X16, Yamaha RS-700, Yamaha CDC-600)

Hi John,
Thank you very much for your help this morning. At the expense of what could have been a worthwhile sale, you advised me correctly and did so in the most friendly and helpful way. I greatly appreciate it. The Audiolab CD player sounds wonderful hooked up to the Plinius gear.

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