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Had an absolutely brilliant experience conversing with this company. Called and spoke to both Mark and Stephen regarding amp purchase, did feel I got poor feedback but realised later my strong Scottish accent may have been a factor. However, I got in touch with John, who was impeccable in his Customer Service and mostly his patience. I did mention what I was looking for and he seemed to home in on what I actually wanted. He gave great advice showing a passion and knowledge of not only his products but also of my Customer needs. I did purchase on John’s recommendations and guidance and am completely content with purchases. John now just needs to sell me some more cable, Speakers and a CD player and I’ll gladly listen to his advice.
I have had a couple of bad experiences within shops in Wellington region regarding Customer service but twice I have bought from Auckland stores and have had great experiences.
I should add that the advice given from both Mark and Stephen what I initially should purchase was what I ACTUALLY did purchase, check out John’s listening and customer service techniques, love you all.

Mr John Tom

Paul Money Hi Fi and Home Theatre

83 View Road

Mount Eden

Dear John

For over 50 years, good Hi-Fi sound has been a passion, and a fascinating hobby of mine.  I have enjoyed learning and keeping up to date with the advancements in sound quality, as they are developed.  Updating my system as I could afford it, as major advancement came along.

My first upgrade was from Mono to Stereo, in the early sixties.  The Leak Stereo 20 was considered top of the line when it came to the market.  I well remember a sales man in one of the Hi-Fi shops I visited telling me.  “Don’t waste your money on stereo boy; it is only going to be a passing fad; here today, gone tomorrow.  We all know how wrong the shop assistant advice was.  That instruction was from one of the leading Hi-Fi shops in New Zealand at the time.

In the seventies, we saw the start of home surround sound with JVC CD4 quadraphonic LP records.  The Pioneer QX949 receiver was considered the very epitome of four-channel surround sound receivers at that time.  I still have many of the great, four discreet channel recordings, which JVC released.

The next upgrade was to 5.1 surround sound and then on to 7.2 surround sound with stereo subwoofers.

For many years, starting from when your shop was first owned by Paul Money, right through to current times, Paul Money Hi Fi and Home Theatre have been a great source of information for me.  Your shop has also been an excellent supplier for much of the quality equipment, that I wanted in my sound system.  All the electronics that I have purchased from you, has all been supplied, at very competitive rates, which I truly appreciate.

I would particularly like to voice my appreciation at the time taken in discussing with me the merits of various upgrade possibilities.  While I have done a lot of my own research, it is nice to be able to discuss things with you or your staff when they have had a free moment.

Thank you, for having a great Hi Fi and Home Theatre Shop, it truly is appreciated.


Yours sincerely,

Bonner Martin

Hi John,

I have now spent some time with the NAD M51 DAC which you sold me, and I simply have this to say…

Thank you from the bottom, of my soul (and NAD I guess too for that matter)…

It, she, is quite simply… astonishing.

Warm regards

Hey All,

Wow what a nice addition to my system (Polk Audio PSW1000). The NAD’s auto calibration really has a made a difference now that we have a sub. The surround sound effect has improved out of sight now that the fronts are programmed as small and rears as large!!…..Now all I have to work out is how to stop the windows from shaking?


Hello Haig,

The NAD T785 is absolutely awesome…just wanted to thank you again for your help in selecting such a brilliant sounding amp!


Hi Haig,

We got the Rotel amps home and I had them connected up and running a short time after. They sound as good as they look and the more I play them, the better they get, as they get burnt in.

The amps drive the M35i speakers very easily and there is no need for much volume to be dialled in, yet even at low volume, the sound is very well detailed. The mid range and bass lows in particular, have become very noticeable and my few test tracks (Stevie ray Vaughn, Tuck and Patti, Cat Stevens etc) took me by surprise, as there are sounds that I have never heard before in them. Most of the long weekend has been taken up listening to music and very enjoyable too!

All up, I am very pleased with the amps, they exceed all that I have read about them, so many thanks for your recommendations and my thanks to you and Paul Money hifi for the service that I have received. I am a very satisfied customer.

Dear John (Paul Money Hifi and Car Stereo)

I am just writing to thank and commend you for the fantastic service you provided for my husband and I when it came to viewing, purchasing and installing our home theatre system.

We felt the attention you gave us was outstanding and you made every effort to ensure we understood what system we were buying and what it would do for us. We were so pleased that you came to our house to ensure the system was suitable for our room. Thank you for organising the electrician, who also met you on site to be briefed, he did a great job and left the room clean and tidy.

Nick, your installer was fantastic too, he gave us really clear explanations on how, why and what. I also appreciated that he ensured I understood how to work the system to get maximum enjoyment. Both of you listened so carefully to our brief of how we wanted to hide cables and where we wanted to be sitting and again you delivered.

We are so happy and excited by the finished product(s), we would not hesitate in recommending you and your service to anybody interested in a home theatre.

Thanks again, we are very, very pleased with the outcome.

Kind regards

Hi John,
Earlier this year I had dealings with one of your staff, Haig.
I had an old receiver unit with ongoing problems and he assisted me with a suitable replacement.
I just wanted to say how impressed I was with Haig and the customer service shown to me. I thought it went beyond the call of duty.

Hi Haig,

I bought two Rockford 4ohm DVC Subs from you guys ,169 ea, and believe or not with my 2 channel Rockford amp with 100wrms per channel into 4ohm running them, they sound great. The amp doesn’t overheat or anything either (I have it loaded at 2ohm p/channel which should = 200WRMS per sub). I was surprised how amazing these subs sound they are excellent. Even though they sound good at present next year when I’m getting a bit bored I will upgrade the amp and they will sound even better.
Thanks for all your help.

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