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Hi Haig,

We got the Rotel amps home and I had them connected up and running a short time after. They sound as good as they look and the more I play them, the better they get, as they get burnt in.

The amps drive the M35i speakers very easily and there is no need for much volume to be dialled in, yet even at low volume, the sound is very well detailed. The mid range and bass lows in particular, have become very noticeable and my few test tracks (Stevie ray Vaughn, Tuck and Patti, Cat Stevens etc) took me by surprise, as there are sounds that I have never heard before in them. Most of the long weekend has been taken up listening to music and very enjoyable too!

All up, I am very pleased with the amps, they exceed all that I have read about them, so many thanks for your recommendations and my thanks to you and Paul Money hifi for the service that I have received. I am a very satisfied customer.

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