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Yamaha R-N303D Network Stereo Receiver

$699.00 $669.00 inc. GST

  • Stereo network receiver Yamaha R-N303D
  • Entry level model with optimised circuit design
  • Specially developed network module, high quality components
  • AirPlay, Bluetooth, streaming and hi-res playback via network
  • Connect both digital and analogue sources
  • Multiroom audio with Yamaha MusicCast
  • Comfortable control via app


** No Phono stage, external phono stage required for vinyl **

Entry level model with optimised circuit design

While from a price perspective, Yamaha R-N303D certainly is an entry level stereo network receiver, in terms of sound and functionality it can hold a candle to more expensive devices. The developers made good use of their years of experience to design an optimised hifi circuitry. Separation of analogue and digital sections minimise interference. The circuit boasts low impedance and remarkably short signal paths. As a result the R-N303D sounds pristine and vibrant while maintaining an excellent signal to noise ratio.

Specially developed network module, high quality components

The heart and soul of R-N303D is the network module specially developed by Yamaha to guarantee outstanding sound via LAN or wifi. It features an extremely precise low jitter clock for perfect playback of high resolution network sources. Carefully selected hifi components from high-end models like 192 kHz / 24 bit Burr-Brown DAC prove the emphasis on sound, as do capacitors and resistors chosen for their impeccable sonic qualities.

AirPlay, Bluetooth, streaming, DAB+ and hi-res playback via network

Being a modern stereo network receiver, the R-N303D is compatible with all present-day playback options such as Apple AirPlay for wireless music transmission from Mac, iPhone and iPad. Through network connections, music can be played from PC, Mac or NAS, both wired and wireless. For all these options, R-N303D supports hi-res playback of DSD 5.6 MHz, AIFF/FLAC/WAV with 192 kHz / 24 bit and Apple Lossless with 96 kHz / 24 bit. Streaming services like Spotify, Napster, Deezer and Juke offer songs of all styles. The R-N303D is also compatible with the audophile streaming services Tidal and Qobuz. Wireless playback from mobile devices via Bluetooth is possible, too. What is more, an integrated DAB+ receiver receives digital radio in outstanding quality, an FM tuner for analogue radio is present as well.

Connect both digital and analogue sources

In addition to the manifold network options, the R-N303D offers both analogue and digital inputs for direct connections. Four analogue inputs are available for the integration of a CD player, for example. TV and Blu-ray player can be plugged into the optical or coaxial digital input. This ensures pristine, crystal clear sound for Hollywood movies, sports programmes and concert videos by keeping the signal digital throughout the chain. The R-N303D features an analogue output and a headphone jack on the front. Speakers are connected by screw terminals and driven with 140 Watts maximum power (8 Ohms) per channel.

Multiroom audio with Yamaha MusicCast

Multiroom system MusicCast turns all network enabled Yamaha audio components into one big system – including the R-N303D. All sources connected to one MusicCast device are available to all other elements of the network, from receivers and soundbars to design audio systems and streaming speakers. With MusicCast, your music is always available where it is needed and can be played back from every device in every room of the house.

Comfortable control via app

For convenient controlling of MusicCast, Yamaha offers the free app MusicCast CONTROLLER for iOS and Android. From linking devices to intuitively choosing sources and even controlling basic functions of the R-N303D, with MusicCast CONTROLLER your smartphone or tablet becomes the centrepiece of your home entertainment. As an alternative, a remote control is included with the purchase of Yamaha R-N303D.


• Device Type: Network Stereo Receiver
• Amplification: ” 100w ” ( 50wrms )
• Input: 9x RCA, 2x Optical, 2x Digital coax, Bluetooth, Airplay, Ethernet, WiFi
• Outputs: 2 pair speakers (A & B)
• Dimensions: (W x H x D )435 x 202 x 340 mm
• Weight 7.2kg

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