Sumiko Pearwood Celebration Moving Coil Cartridge

Sumiko Pearwood Celebration Moving Coil Cartridge

$4,599.00 inc. GST

  • Moving Coil
  • Diamond tip
  • Made in Japan
  • 1.5 – 2.0g tracking weight
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Product Description

Hand fitted with a silky pearwood body that recalls the glamorous low-output moving coil cartridges of analog’s past, Celebration commemorates Sumiko’s three decades designing and distributing the finest in phono cartridges. Using a blend of cutting edge materials and the tried and true, Celebration returns the excitement of analog’s glory days. The mechanical foundation for the intricate workings is a unique machined alloy “cradle” into which the entire generating system of the cartridge is fitted, held in place with a single compression screw. Within this structure, the magnet is mounted against a yoke that creates a linear, uniform density magnetic field completely surrounding the coil. To make the most effective use of this ingenious structure, complementary components were carefully selected: a classic Alnico magnet for a robust 0.5 mV output; a low mass PH stylus for ease of set-up; a long-grain boron cantilever for stiffness and self quieting; new synthetic rubber elastomers in the suspension system for superior performance and longevity. The sound of Celebration is the product not only of Sumiko’s many years experience fine-tuning fine sound, but also of ourcontinuing desire to reveal the vibrant and exciting colors of analog.


• Cartridge type: Moving coil
• Output Voltage: 0.5 mV
• Loading Range: 100 – 1000 ohms
• Weight: 7g
• Tracking:1.9– 2.2g