Sugden Masterclass PDT-4F Compact Disc Player

Sugden Masterclass PDT-4F Compact Disc Player

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Product Description

The PDT-4F is designed to compliment both the Masterclass and Sapphire series of amplifiers. Utilising a high speed transport mechanism and on board memory, the PDT-4F is a technically advanced CD player. To reduce jitter and control errors during play back there is a dedicated transceiver circuit, this re-formats data prior to the digital to analogue converter.

A unique conversion method is employed without oversampling or filtering in the digital domain, instead we chose an analogue filter resulting in very wide bandwidth capability.

The architecture may be similar to the Fusion 21 but the PDT-4F uses twin DAC’s and precision instrumentation amplifiers in the analogue frontend which eliminate the need for input impedance matching. This forms the basis of a very high quality balanced output which is not available on the Fusion 21. The twin DAC configuration reduces noise, improves dynamic range and increases current output.


• Device Type: CD Player
• Input: 1x CD 1x digital coaxial 1x SPDIF coaxial
• Outputs: Stereo RCA
• Dimensions: (H x W x D) 110 x 430 x 330mm
• Weight: 9 Kg