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Denon PMA-1520 Intergrated Stereo Amplifier – (Scruffy Carton)

$2,999.00 $1,999.00 inc. GST



Boasting a powerful 2 x 70W output into eight ohms doubling to 2 x 140W into four ohm speakers, the new Denon PMA-1520AE combines audiophile sound quality and features, power and high build quality in one elegant package.

A high mass, low vibration chassis minimises unwanted vibration from entering the delicate circuit paths inside, lowering distortion and giving a purer audio output – even the aluminium heatsinking which dissipates unwanted heat in the output stage is mechanically damped to lower vibration effects.

The stereo power amplifier is constructed from discrete electronic components rather than a cheaper chip solution, allowing the designers complete freedom and control over the various design topologies and techniques employed. A robust, low distortion MOS-FET output stage operating in class AB coupled to a high capacity power supply enables the PMA1520 to deliver musical peaks with ease, whilst also presenting fine musical details essential to the appreciation of your favorite artists. Separate transformers with low magnetic field radiation are applied to the analogue and digital circuit blocks to minimise crosstalk and noise, whilst the high speed Schottky diode rectification process minimises losses through wasted heat dissipation. Frequency response extends up to 100kHz which enables the full transparency and detail of the highest resolution music tracks to be reproduced accurately.

The power amplifier section can be accessed separately if desired, for example to drive it from a second PMA-1520 in a bi-amp set up.

The pre-amplifier has six analogue inputs including a phono input designed for both moving magnet and moving coil phono cartridges. A high quality AMPS motorised volume control offers low noise and superior channel balance – pre-amp outputs are available, suitable for driving a second PMA1520 power amp section in a bi-amp setup.

Gold plated speaker terminals accept both banana plugs or bare wire for a low resistance loudspeaker connection. A headphone socket is provided for high quality private listening.

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Amplifier power (watts): 2 x 70 (8 ohms, RMS)
Extra UHC (Ultra High Current)-Single-Push-Pull-Circuit
Finish Black
Inputs 4 x stereo line in (via 2 x RCA/phono)
Turntable (MM or MC switchable) in (via 2 x RCA/phono)
Tape loop (via 2 pairs RCA/phono)
Remote control IR in (via minijack)
Headphone output (via 6.3mm/¼” stereo jack)

2 x independently switchable speaker outputs
Pre-out (via 2 x RCA/phono)
Power amplifier direct output (via 2 x RCA/phono)
Remote control IR out (via minijack)
Record out selector Yes
Supplied accessories Remote control
W x H x D (mm) 434 x 134 x 410
Weight (kg) 16.1

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