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Denon DL-110EM Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

$699.00 inc. GST


“The DL-110 signal is much higher than you
would expect from a moving coil. Featuring
an elliptical stylus, the output impedance is
160 ohms.
The high-quality DL-110 has a tracking
force of 1.8 grams (+/- 0.3 grams), with a
total weight of 4.8 grams.
The frequency response of this phono
cartridge is 20 to 45kHz. Maybe the
audiophiles are right: this frequency
response is much higher than a standard


• Output: 1.6mV
• Stylus: special elliptical diamond
• Cantilever: aluminum
• Frequency range: 20-45,000Hz
• Tracking force: 1.5-2.1g
• Weight: 4.8g

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