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Allnic H-5500 Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier

$6,995.00 inc. GST



** Due April **

Technology continues to evolve, and Allnic Audio’s KS Park’s “out of this world” works of sonic artistry are no exception. The H-5500 replaces the extremely popular H-1202, providing more features and more beauty in both sound and appearance for a relatively small uptick in cost – especially at this introductory price – adding up to an even greater quality to cost ratio than its predecessor. The H-5500 offers:

  • dual MM and MC inputs
  • power supply capacity double that of the H-1202
  • current meter for monitoring tube status
  • redesigned larger, heavier, and more solid aluminum chassis

We are absolutely confident the H-5500 is an exceptional value that will greatly exceed expectations and provide many years of satisfaction.

The H-5500 uses the same NOS tube set as its predecessor, the H-1202, but in a more feature and value packed chassis.

H-5500 Manual

Additional information




Two (2) pairs Moving Coil (MC) unbalanced (RCA)
Two (2) pairs Moving Magnet (MM) unbalanced (RCA)

Output: One (1) pair unbalanced (RCA)
Ground: One (1) x screw type terminal

Frequency (RIAA): 20Hz ~ 20KHz (±0.3db)

Voltage Gain:
MM: +38db (1KHz)
MC: Variable: +22dB, +26dB, +28dB, +32dB (1Khz)

Input Impedance: MC up to 278Ω / MM 47kΩ

Maximum Input Voltage (MM, non-clipping):
20Hz / 30mV
100Hz / 60mV
1KHz / 300mV
10KHz / 500mV

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion): Less than 0.3% (1KHz, Output 1V)
Output Impedance: 1.2KΩ (on-off method)
S/N Ratio: -68db (CCIR, 1KHz)


E180CC – New old stock – approximately electrically (not sonically) equivalent: CV8431, 7062, 5965, 12AV7, 6414, 6829;

7233 – New old stock (no equivalent) – voltage regulator;

5654 – New old stock (equivalent to 6AK6, A4361, CV1762) – voltage corrector.

Fuse: AC 3A, 250V, slow blow (for 120V; 2A for 230V)
Power Consumption: 20W / 220V @ 60Hz

Dimensions (W x D x H): 430mm x 260mm x 170mm
Weight (Unpacked): 8.2 Kg, (Packaged): 11 Kg

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