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Mr John Tom

Paul Money Hi Fi and Home Theatre

83 View Road

Mount Eden

Dear John

For over 50 years, good Hi-Fi sound has been a passion, and a fascinating hobby of mine.  I have enjoyed learning and keeping up to date with the advancements in sound quality, as they are developed.  Updating my system as I could afford it, as major advancement came along.

My first upgrade was from Mono to Stereo, in the early sixties.  The Leak Stereo 20 was considered top of the line when it came to the market.  I well remember a sales man in one of the Hi-Fi shops I visited telling me.  “Don’t waste your money on stereo boy; it is only going to be a passing fad; here today, gone tomorrow.  We all know how wrong the shop assistant advice was.  That instruction was from one of the leading Hi-Fi shops in New Zealand at the time.

In the seventies, we saw the start of home surround sound with JVC CD4 quadraphonic LP records.  The Pioneer QX949 receiver was considered the very epitome of four-channel surround sound receivers at that time.  I still have many of the great, four discreet channel recordings, which JVC released.

The next upgrade was to 5.1 surround sound and then on to 7.2 surround sound with stereo subwoofers.

For many years, starting from when your shop was first owned by Paul Money, right through to current times, Paul Money Hi Fi and Home Theatre have been a great source of information for me.  Your shop has also been an excellent supplier for much of the quality equipment, that I wanted in my sound system.  All the electronics that I have purchased from you, has all been supplied, at very competitive rates, which I truly appreciate.

I would particularly like to voice my appreciation at the time taken in discussing with me the merits of various upgrade possibilities.  While I have done a lot of my own research, it is nice to be able to discuss things with you or your staff when they have had a free moment.

Thank you, for having a great Hi Fi and Home Theatre Shop, it truly is appreciated.


Yours sincerely,

Bonner Martin

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