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Had an absolutely brilliant experience conversing with this company. Called and spoke to both Mark and Stephen regarding amp purchase, did feel I got poor feedback but realised later my strong Scottish accent may have been a factor. However, I got in touch with John, who was impeccable in his Customer Service and mostly his patience. I did mention what I was looking for and he seemed to home in on what I actually wanted. He gave great advice showing a passion and knowledge of not only his products but also of my Customer needs. I did purchase on John’s recommendations and guidance and am completely content with purchases. John now just needs to sell me some more cable, Speakers and a CD player and I’ll gladly listen to his advice.
I have had a couple of bad experiences within shops in Wellington region regarding Customer service but twice I have bought from Auckland stores and have had great experiences.
I should add that the advice given from both Mark and Stephen what I initially should purchase was what I ACTUALLY did purchase, check out John’s listening and customer service techniques, love you all.

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